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What we do

WellWays is a leading creative advisory agency serving health and wellness destinations. We devise individually tailored health and wellness programs for a wide variety of international hotels, large and small, new and existing. We help owners attract the rapidly increasing number of clients in search of upscale experiences with an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

Our aim is to help you shape an attractive and profitable health and wellness program for your business. We offer proactive advice on all aspects of the process, from natural and holistic methodologies through to design, budgeting and cash flow projection.

About us

WellWays concept was inspired and led by Dr Denis Lamboley, a leading health and wellness specialist, author and researcher. Our hospitality department is headed by Louis de Vilmorin, who has over thirty years experience working with prominent service providers, including the Guerlain Spas network.

Our marketing team is led by Flavia Engelmann, who has spent more than 25 years building global brands for blue-chip clients in a variety of sectors – unearthing insights, developing brand equities, defining brand strategies and implementing successful global rollouts into customer experiences.

The Global Challenge


According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the Covid-19 crisis could lead to an annual decline of tourism between 60% and 80% when compared with 2019 figures.

The challenge for the hospitality industry is to develop solutions to recover from Covid-19’s impacts on tourism. More than ever before, consumers will be concerned with health and wellbeing. The number of Primary Wellness Travellers who chose the destination for wellness will sharply increase in the near future; moreover, the Secondary Wellness Travellers, who engage in wellness activities during travel, will expect to find upgraded wellness facilities.

WellWays Responses


Our strategies for Hospitality Destinations will focus on communication, management, mobility, branding and travel confidence recovery.

Our strategies for both Guests and Employees, will focus on improving immunity and preventive health measures.

Our strategies for Business will focus on digital applications, revenue management, demand recovery and investments.

Our Expertise


Dr. Lamboley’s greatest achievement is his dedication to developing methods which offer the most effective natural therapies for the prevention of aging, the promotion of rejuvenating lifestyle practices and the optimisation of nutrition.
We recognize the ever-increasing number of persons who actively seek to improve their health and wellbeing and wish to rely on individually designed personal programs.


In order to facilitate our patients’ regenerative journey during a stay at any of the destinations offering Dr. Lamboley’s methods, we have designed a diagnostic approach combining a holistic questionnaire with minimal biological tests.

Our Programs


Our applied methodologies are constructed to combat the causes, nature and effects that prevent a natural and healthy life.
These programs focus on healing:

• Unhealthy eating and living habits

• Stress and burnout

• Sleeping disorders

• Lack of energy and vitality

• Longevity and beauty ageing 

Natural Detox &

“I want to be slim, I want to be in shape”
  1. Weight control
  2. Detox diet and fasting
  3. « Heathy Cuisine » workshops

Mind & Body Balance

“I want to feel good, I want to be at peace”
  1. Stress relief
  2. Corporate burnout prevention and therapy
  3. Mindfulness and mind peace
Luxury Fitness

Recovery & Vitality

“I want to recover, I want to feel vibrant”
  1. Sleep hygiene
  2. Energetic therapy and fitness

Longevity & Beauty

“I want to be beautiful, I want to stay young”
  1. Bio-physic check-up
  2. Anti-Aging balance and therapies
Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

“I want to be fit, I want to have energy”
  1. Optimum nutrition check-up and counselling
  2. Optimum fitness check-up and counselling
  3. Optimum relaxation therapy and counselling

Our Advisory Services


WellWays offers to identify and develop the most appropriate concept
and business plan for your luxury hotel destination. Our advisory services may be proposed in 3 steps.

1. Vision, Concept & Feasibility
  • Market study, brainstorming sessions & competitive analysis
  • Preliminary concept proposals with relevant programs and health menus
  • Preliminary P&L, costs and revenues model, capex needs
2. Pre-Opening Development
  • Concept and brand positioning strategy including USP definitions
  • Customer flow, zoning, floor plan design, technical services and costs
  • Health legislation compliances support
  • 10 years P&L, costs and revenues model, capex
  • Pre-launch marketing and training services
3. Post-Opening Advisory and Management Services
  • Annual advisory and management agreement
  • Maintaining segment leadership
  • Menus, programs, methods updates with latest researches
  • Business monitoring and development support
  • HR organisation, marketing & training support

Our Team


Dr. Denis Lamboley

Integrative Medicine Doctor
Health and Wellness Specialist Researcher
Author, Educator & Lecturer

Doctor of Medicine (MD), Paris France, and Medical certifications in Acupuncture, Mindfulness, Integrative Medicine, Hypnosis, Dietary, Psycho-physical Therapies, Energy and Osteo, Medicinal Plants and Essential Oils.

  • Researcher and creator for stress management and related concepts, methods and applications. Together with dedicated University Researchers, he has developed tools for scientific analysis and systemic approach of the latest generation. More than 130 professionals are now trained, certified and apply these tools.
  • Educator on Health Care and Wellness; management of stress, professional performance, health prevention, emotional intelligence and bodymind wellbeing.
  • International Lecturer for major companies and for the Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC).
  • Author of more than 30 books on health prevention, energy care, natural medicine and anti-ageing Detox.

Louis de Vilmorin

International Business Unit Manager
Expert in Luxury Retail,
Wellness and Spa for Hospitality

Over 30 years in the sales and marketing of consumer goods, Louis started his career in Singapore with Denis Frères alongside the Hotel industry with speciality F&B supplies. He went on working more than 20 years in Asia with Bluebell, Clarins and LVMH where he specialised in selective distribution channels for luxury goods such as Fragrances and Cosmetics, Fashion and Accessories and Services. He eventually joined Guerlain as business unit manager on International markets ranging from Europe, North to South America and the Middle East.

He brings his international experience in delivering goods to market and working with agents, department stores, duty free stores and luxury retailers. For the past 8 years, Louis successfully developed the worldwide Guerlain Spas network to its recognised leading international position.
Louis continues to explore and develop businesses for Wellness destinations around the planet as well as having joined the team as external advisor to the Lausanne EHL Advisory Services: www.ehl.edu

Flavia Engelmann

Branding & Customer Experience Strategist
Marketing Expert

Flavia Engelmann qualifies as a Global citizen; she was born in New York, graduated from Université Libre de Bruxelles with a masters degree in Economics, started her professional life with Andersen Consulting in Barcelona before pursuing her advertising career in Paris, then in Geneva, with Ogilvy & Mather, then Saatchi & Saatchi. In over 25 years, Flavia developed multiple brands, global as well as local, in a variety of sectors.

Fluent in 4 languages, an EMBA graduate from HULT International Business School in London, and a Certified Customer Experience Professional, Flavia is now the Brand and Customer Experience Strategist for WellWays… when she is not on skis, in the water or hanging off a rope.

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